Derby Football Academy

About Us


Providing high standard coaching programs that enrich students’ lives and prepares them for the future that lays ahead, both on and off the field. We want to use football as a tool to develop good personalities first and good footballers second.


Help the talented players to achieve their dreams by being professional players abroad, giving the opportunity for the university students to have a scholarship in USA.


  • Develop the young football players through European standard.
  • Promote players to the European Leagues.
  • Promote players to the American universities league.


  1. Foreign technical director with great experience in youth football development.
  2. International and national Coaches who are dedicated to football and have the appropriate licences.
  3. Modern football methodology that believes in holistic approach.
  4. Tracking individually the development of the player through the game-analysis tools and his contribution in the team.   
  5. Involving football scout from overseas to recruit the best talents.
  6. Involving the American universities scout to recruit students for full scholarships.
  7. Participating every year in international youth football tournaments around the world.