Derby Football Academy

Derby Football Academy’s Professional Pathway

Since the foundation of the academy, Derby has set out to develop a full professional pathway for youth player in Nigeria to be able to play abroad. And within a year since the start in Abuja, we’ve already established a 5-phase pathway.

Phase 1: Foundation Phase (4 to 8 Years Old)

In this phase, young players are just learning to love the game. They are adapting the training methodology with a fun approach and adopting the sense of respect and sportsmanship.


Phase 2: Pre-Academy Phase (9 to 12 Years Old)

In this phase, young players start to learn how to execute football actions (shots, passes, dribbles…) perfectly and making good decisions while on the pitch.


Phase 3: Academy Phase (13 to 17 Years Old)

It’s not just about football, isn’t it? In this phase (and the previous two) the players learn how to engage with each other, discipline and respect and adopt a healthy lifestyle. The main focus is to develop the players in all aspect of life not just sports. We want them to accomplish individual intentions based on their team’s intention.


Phase 4: Pre-Professional Phase (16 to 19 Years Old)

This is the final step in creating the professional player that every kid dream to be. In this phase, the elite players will shine and will have the opportunity to make a career in football.

As Derby Football Academy, we scout players from all over Nigeria and we accommodate them in Abuja, where they enroll in top level football coaching.


Phase 5: Professional Phase

Derby Football Academy has established well-known partnerships and connections all over the world to help facilitate the transfer abroad of its acquired talents.

The academy has a well-established partnership with the historical Spanish Club Racing Club Santander, active in La Liga 2, where they acquire the top talents produced by Derby Football Academy. One player was able to join the club youth leagues already.

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Other pathways exist also, with 5 players playing football in Asia just this season.

Senior Level

And it’s just the beginning…